March 13th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:54 @ndixon Episode 10 of Persistent Spirit was awesome! "Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice. ;-p #

03:11 Time for bed. I'm hoping to be fit to drive tomorrow to do some shopping and go to the library. Or maybe wait in again for that delivery...? #

05:23 Can't sleep. Panic barely held at bay... #

10:50 Woken by two SMSs. Forgot to put phone back on quiet last 'night' but was hoping for a call re. the evapourating delivery. No suck luck. :-( #

11:12 delivery finlly arrived! #

11:13 @cindyli what is jailbreak? ENOTGOTIPHONE #

11:59 OUCH. Grabs painkillers. #

13:03 NTS: cutting fingernails works better if you have your glasses on and so can SEE them. No harm done this time. ;-p #

13:10 Have access to car today and was going to go grocery shopping but, sod's law, I am not up to going out any more. Maybe later on. #

16:07 Been sorting paperwork and so on. Melting hot now and woozy. Going to shower my head and take a break. #

16:07 @pixeldiva tweeted: "may need to stop being the kind of person that keeps every email sent and received." I do that - just in case! ;-p #

16:09 Gmail FTW! Now that I get my email there instead of on our colo box, I have yet to need to worry about storage space...! ;-p #

16:43 @cindyli tweeted: "sitting here still an hour before flight going through emails wondering what to do." If in doubt, knit! #

17:09 Maybe I was an immaculate conception (which I doubt!)? Nokia SMS predictive text thinks 'mum' is a 'nun'! ;-p #

17:25 Exhausting day but a sliver of good news now. Suddenly very tired. I just need to persuade Pixel that it is only 2 pm, &not time for FUD.... #

17:25 nap time #

23:39 NTS: hope allows for disappointment and more sadness. Ho hum. Life goes on... #

23:40 @ndixon tweeted: "Oi! Firefox, stop eatin' all me RAM!" But, FireFox is a hungry beast! ;-p #

23:41 @ndixon tweeted: "Steracle: Chairs and Headskirts (new drawings) ( )" Internal Server Error :( #

23:41 @cindyli tweeted: "feeling sad @themattharris isn't around anymore :(" *hugs* #

23:42 @ndixon tweeted: "Steracle: Chairs and Headskirts (new drawings) ( )" worked eventually #

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