March 11th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:41 Wakes up (14 hours sleep!) but regrets it... #

11:43 @regularjen tweeted: "wishes she had a periscope." Hmmm? #

11:43 @cindyli tweeted: "if u want to buy a geekslove* shirt find me $20 ..." Can you save me one in XXXL plz? #

11:46 @kplawver tweeted: "We won the css award!!" Congratz! #

11:47 @themattharris tweeted: "we can has a bowling @cindyli" Photos!? ;-p #

12:07 Regretting waking up because it is raining and so I have a weatherhead. Break out the pain meds! #

12:14 I use Twitter how I used to use LiveJournal/blog and I aggregate it to LJ once per day. How can blogging like this be considered cheating?!? #

12:16 I have a constant monologue in my head of some things people have said to me in the past + my replies. Especially if it was at all negative. #

12:20 blog == 'web log' and so, by definition, logging my thoughts to Twitter (which is on the web) IS blogging. BTW, LoudTwitter #

12:23 Blogging is not just 'blessays' (Stephen Fry's word) - it can also be the one-line blogging of URLs. I see this as blogging. Do you? I'll LJ #

13:32 Thunder and lightning. Break out the extra-strong pain meds. #

13:48 @rosiesherry tweeted: "Admiring my sisters photography :)" Cute kittens! Maine coons? As big as our full size cat! ;-p #

15:21 Can has COLD AND WET and no estate agent turning up for appointment. #

16:34 @regularjen tweeted: "oh my god my G4 dual processor machine is noisy." So is my dual G5! All those fans! #

16:35 Can everyone please pray to the property rental gods for the perfect flat to become available that we can rent? ;-p #

16:39 In the meantime, while waiting for the aforementioned miracle, my head will now explode whilst I sleep - rather that than while I'm awake!!! #

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