March 10th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

03:00 Need to remember that I have a better, alternative painkiller available to me, more often. Weatherhead (it is raining) is receeding at last. #

11:36 Woken up with a cough today. Ho hum. #

11:47 @regularjen tweeted: "... headphone jack ... iPod Nano ..." Where is it then? Still have one of the 1st U2 iPods. #

11:49 @kplawver tweeted: "I forget how gigantic what she accomplished was and is." What was the film? Does she have a blog? I am nosy / intrigued. #

11:50 Is it very OCD that I have a *need* to tweet exactly 140 characters whenever possible? #

11:51 @pixeldiva tweeted: "...hasn't played her violin for entirely too long, and misses it, a little." Same for me and my flute (self taught). ;/ #

19:04 @kplawver Thanks for the link. Also. WOW! #

19:04 ... and now, a nosebleed to go woth my cough! #

19:06 @ndixon tweeted: "PP#10 will be late today, folks, ..." No rush! We will love it when it arrives! #

19:15 nosebleed stopped luckily #

19:35 Nosebleed (stopped now) + cold + cough = nausea from swallowed blood. Glad I am not a vampire TBH! If that was TMI, not as much as usual! :) #

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