March 8th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:12 A bit relieved. The 'work's not needed tonight after all. Might sleep instead. Knowing me I'll spod and knit for a bit while meds kick in... #

02:27 Off to bed. I hope the pain meds kick in soon ... #

13:04 At surgery. She is so good she always runs late. 40 mins so far. I think I am next. #

13:47 popped home to darn my sock. one of mine. dropped stitch had run. GP took bloods and referred me on re. TMI stuff. Maybe IBD (e.g. Crohn's). #

13:48 Had loads of bloods drawn including fasting. 8 vials! Now off out again for breakfast and probably to Tesco. #

16:52 Home after Tesco. Tesco pharmacy did not have ointment I was prescribed. Will try elsewhere tomorrow. Now to return calls with diary access. #

17:11 Shattered but I enjoyed my day out in the car - despite pain and a doctor's appointment! ;-p #

19:29 I have just realised that, despite knowing that it's Friday today, I forgot that it was Thursday yesterday and did not go to Clack & Yak! :( #

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