March 7th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:26 Awake. TMI stuff HURTS SO MUCH! I hope the doc can help this Friday/tomorrow. More pain meds needed. #

11:27 Wanna finish hubby's sweater but cannot face sewing in sleeves feeling like this. Nor crocheting Cthulhu. Will default to knitting a sock.;/ #

14:45 Pain meds are now starting to work but that means that I am able to realise how sleepy I am and to sleep without pain for a while. Nap time! #

14:47 @cazm tweeted: "clearing out SPAM in Hebrew..." Isn't Spam pork based? ;-p #

23:30 'Work' to do so taking pain meds... #

23:32 @ndixon tweeted: "...:" they look comfy! #

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