March 6th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:18 Melting. Nothing new there then... #

00:20 @tallin32 tweeted: "Will someday learn to eat before the dizziness sets in." If you do, maybe you can teach me how? ;-p #

00:21 @laserone tweeted: "The world is full of horrible people and I want to become a hermit. :(" *hugs* #

00:22 @pixeldiva YAY! Ravelry! #

00:23 Is it a bad thing that I use five of the top ten web apps on ? #

01:02 ... and pain. Of course. Prescription narcotics anyone? Heh. #

01:49 Buh - wide awake now that pain is reduced. Sod's law. Need to collect meds from pharmacy tomorrow and book GP appoint. so need to be awake. #

11:08 Vaguely awake. Not up to walking to pharmacy yet. Maybe later. Out of one med for tonight. Will have to try... #

11:09 @phinnia tweeted: "replacement laptop WIN. <3" YAY!!! #

11:09 @phinnia tweeted: "seeing what sean makes of 'Peter and the Wolf' by Prokoviev. <3" I used to love that piece as a kid. #

11:11 @ndixon tweeted: "not for typing without typos, that's for sure!" LOL *hug* #

11:40 Damn. Ran out of cipramil/citalopram/celexa. I was sure I had more. Need to order *another* repeat prescription, then! I'd lsoe my head .... #

11:44 Wishing that I had an inflatable car that ran on water - that way I could get to the pharmacy and doctors more easily... *takes painkillers* #

13:00 Pain meds are helping a little but not enough for a walk into the village unfortunately. What a waste of a lovely day. #

13:33 Booked GP appointment for Friday. #

13:33 @ndixon tweeted: "no, I"m not following you on twitter if you have <100 followers and you are following >12k... -=block=-" Me too! ;-p #

13:37 @kplawver iTunes breaks the laws of maths and physics! #

14:18 New instrumental NiN album available online for free (or more). See for more info. So far I like it a lot. #

14:20 @ndixon ditto re. Leopard and Tiger OSX. Not in a rush to upgrade TBH. #

15:22 Chill cabinet Alpro Soya Choc is MUCH nicer than So Good UHT Soya Choc and was on '2 for cheap' the other day. I could drink it all day! Nom #

16:09 Nap time methinks. Soon, at least. #

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