March 5th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:23 off to bed in a lot of pain and hoping the painkillers start to work soon... #

12:14 @mollydotcom Further to Honey's soft toy relocation scheme; #

12:18 @cazm: "formally broken elbow" made me smile. Some typos are fun. Boggles at the idea of an informally or formally broken bone! *hugs* #

12:19 @cazm Formerly-broken bones always give me gyp in certain weather. Gran used to say, "I can feel it in my bones." Must be what she meant ... #

12:21 @tallin32: Also, Comcast: ... TOTALLY a unacceptable answer! #

12:23 @phinnia: "dear womens' shoes: you make me sad ..." I SO hear that! I usually wear Crocs, men's trainers or ben's walking shoes. #

12:30 @ndixon: "sounds from downstairs: clicking of a pacing dog's claws ..." You can has dawg? #

12:30 @ndixon: "Edwardian walking stick self-defence fighting techniques:" Ooooooooo ;-p #

12:32 Stops replying to tweets and goes back to green yarn. Or, maybe a nap. #

12:36 @ndixon Ah hah! I assumed you had a house not a flat. My bad! #

13:10 Yup too sleepy, pain, etc. to crochet or sew in sweater sleeves. Have knitted a bit but am just getting more sleepy. Nap time at end of row. #

13:12 P.S. if anyone wants a game of email Scrabulous, PM or email me ( natalie AT natalieford DOT com ) your email address so I can invite you... #

13:16 @phinnia spoke TRUTH when she tweeted: "dear pain: thou suckest. dear insomnia: so do you." On which note I summon painkillers and a nap...! #

16:41 Apologies to my Twitter followers. If my blow-by-blow doing/feeling tweets are boring or gross/TMI, feel free to stop following. *smile* ;-) #

16:43 @ndixon Prodigy's Firestarter always reminds me of the kite team routine that used it as their music - as well as a certain ex- of mine...:) #

16:44 @pixeldiva *hugs* migraines suxx0r! :( #

18:01 @mollydotcom MUCH better! I am SO glad our two are indoors-only cats! #

18:27 PLZ CAN HAZ NU INTESTEENS NAU PLZ? PLZ?! These hurt too much. I guess I need to go to the GP and get a referral. Maybe for a ******scopy. :( #

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argh, mini-diablo, diablo

WARNING: Online Yarn Store SCAM!

moderngypsy of Lime and Violet fame has just posted a long LJ post about an online yarn store scammer and the latest, beyond the pale scam. The vendor is pretending cancer to avoid making deliveries and to garner sympathy sales:

"… And worse, they're busted and ARE NOT GIVING UP THE LIE. An employee came forward and meekly announced that no, it's all a lie, and they couldn't keep quiet anymore. And MCY's Zach and Danielle are STILL posting on websites and forums and anywhere they can about Danielle's horrible "illness" and how they're selling off all the yarn to pay for her treatment and oh, god, won't you please help the poor, ailing Danielle? …"
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Is it wrong that the tuning of the piano on this track (an the next one to a lesser extent) HURTS? (on top of the other pain and so on)...
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