March 3rd, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:05 @regularjen I took that avatar photo of @neilford - at least he is not hiding behind a Puffin! ;-p #

09:25 @phinnia YAY!!! for the upstairs nursing students! Neighbours/friends that seem worth cultivating! *hugs* #

10:02 Weather head, slightly upset guts and mildly double vision. Should maybe sleep more but have loads to do today. Just started sock toe too... #

10:05 @kplawver re. Torchwood - just wait - it gets even better! #

15:30 Guh. Weekends. Never get anything done and sleep all day. Then again, that is all seven days for me! LOL! #

16:16 Not quite true. Have now cleaned litter-tray and almost finished fourth sock. Also, melted too hot, frozen too cold and felt generally crap. #

16:28 Want/need to vaccuum & clean and tidy kitchen and bathroom but have zero spoons... #

17:24 fourth sock finished. dripping with fever/sweat. #

22:07 @mollydotcom your motivation probably eloped with mine... #

22:09 @regularjen 'must not look like complete pigs' Of course you have never seen our flat... #

22:10 @phinnia quite right too! Writing time is important when you use it so well! #

22:11 @ndixon Template? Will listen to the episode later... #

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