February 28th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours


08:52 May pop down to Chichester today. #

08:52 Will visit mum tonorrow afternoon #

08:53 YAY CAR! #

09:19 @sweetmeow eek! *hugs* #

09:20 Retweeting @cindyli: found out I am an indoor cat wanting to be an outdoor cat. (Sounds familiar!) #

11:06 Worn out reorganising handbags and eating breakfast. Still hoping to get out in the car, though... #

12:00 Just setting out to Chichester. #

12:44 Arrived safe in Chichester. #

13:51 Bought half of Holland&Barratt and some of C&H Fabrics. Now melting so off to Little Chef for lunch on way home. Maybe Sainsbury's too. #

14:24 Thought i'd stop at hikers cafe instead of little chef but everything they serve is in bread. Onward to tesco instead of Sainsbury's. #

15:40 Home safe in a molten pool of Natalie. Alternate handbag/mini-rucksac can haz fail. Managed to carry all of the shopping up to flat alive!!! #

16:05 Can haz green yarn! #

16:20 WTB rubbery thimbles for knitting with small needles - my forefingers seem to be one big bruise! #

16:43 Wishes that I could have someone else to open mail and do all of my finances and paperwork - power of atourney (sp?) or something? *wibbles* #

23:18 Have started the toe on my sock but am getting sleepy so will make the needles as secure as possible in mid short-row and go to bed. GN all! #

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The first sock of my second pair of socks.

CIMG3820, originally uploaded by natalief.

I am really enjoying making socks and this Regia yarn is amazing to knit with, even if knitting with the tiny 2 mm circular needle feels like knitting with darning needles to my forefinger-tips!

This/my project on Ravelry (if you have a login there).

"Finished the first sock. It is a MUCH better fit than the socks in my first pair! It only used about half of a 50g ball/skein of yarn and so I should get 2 pairs out of the 2 balls that I bought! I need more practice with kitchener stitch, though…"