February 27th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

08:38 @mollydotcom The stuffed toys needed organising! Makes total sense as a kitteh (I am Leo)! ;-p #

08:39 NTS: Try not to walk through your desk. There is only wall and window beyond it and then a long drop to the road below. Also, you'll bruise. #

14:51 Good news: all but finished sweater for @neilford. Bad news: probably won't need the extra yarn we bought yesterday for it! #

14:53 More good news: I am awake! The bad news is that I have been awake since 19:00 yesterday and I am not sleepy! I IS PAPECHUL NITTING MACHEEN! #

15:01 @Vivdora I doubt that that will be allowed! He and I are both pretty allergic to having our photo taken; we'd be wrong side of the lens! ;-p #

15:12 So much I want to do but I just knit. Can't think straight. Spiralling dark thoughts. May just read in bed - maybe I'll get some sleep then. #

15:27 In bed but muzzy head and awful tinitus. Will likely sleep for two hours or twelve. #

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