February 25th, 2008


Another long day/night

I am finally sleepy now, though. Tada:

  • Went to HobbyCraft with hubby to buy even more yarn for his sweater which seems to EAT yarn. I seem to be knitting a monster but, luckily, all I need to do now is sew it up and knit the neck. When I can face it LOL!
  • Also did the grocery shop at the Crawley Tesco (while we were over there) just before it closed.
  • Spent hours 'today' and 'yesterday' knitting samplers with my 2 mm circular needle and some left-over Regia from my first socks (in this userpic - I typed 'sicks' initially!), trying out different patterns and short-row methods.
  • Settled on a sock design/pattern (a mishmash of many that I am making up as I go along to a certain extent) and cast on. It will be a pair of ankle socks (I rarely wear socks pulled up!) and I am already done with the cuff and ankle of the first sock and about to knit its heel.
  • The damned cold of DOOM is still being, "like, all DOOM!!!" and I am achy, croaky, bunged, sleepy but wide awake, hot, sweaty, freezing cold and half-dead...

So, maybe I will try to sleep now. I finally resorted to cocodamol (which I still have but am trying to cut back on) and, while it has not killed the pain and aches, it has reduced the fever and made me relaxed enough that I will probably be able to sleep now.