February 22nd, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:31 I think I have done too much today. I feel really ill... #

01:31 @cazm No moon visible here :( #

01:51 @cazm full cloud cover here - and fog. I look forward to your photos! I am off to bed now. Not at all well. Take some for me! ;-p #

03:40 can't sleep nausea pain aces fever clumsy lost last palm srylus no spares #

06:33 Safe to tweet now - hubs is awake so I won't wake him. Missed the eclipse and am *still* awake. I HATE my body, the MonSter and this cold!! #

19:17 Fly me to the moon? natalief.livejournal.com/915151.html #

19:18 @cazm did you get good moon photos? #

19:19 @cazm oops - just read your tweet. Bummer! :( #

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The next pair of socks?

I have another two balls of Regia (this time in a more demure variegated blues colourway) - the same wool-mix yarn that I used for my first socks. This is a fairly firm/hard yarn but I have not tried to wash the first pair yet. I do know that the first pair knitted up slightly loose on the 3 mm needle (magic-loop) and so will be using my 2.75 mm needle this time (having just knitted a swatch).

I am thinking of doing this next pair of socks top-down with a picot edging. Still short-row heel and, if I can work out how to short row the toe top-down, toe as well. If I can't, does anyone have any suggestions for a toe shaping method that is not to complicated?

Alternatively, I might do the toe-up method again because I do like those toes but I need to work out if a picot edging will work out that way.

I'd also like to do a slightly more interesting 'pattern' on the socks this time. Again, any suggestions for something not too complex and probably not lacy (I have never done lace)?

Finally a question. Does anyone know how to make the insides of sock soles less harsh on the feet than the purl side of stockinette? I find that pretty harsh to walk on, to be honest. Maybe I need to source a nice fingering/sock weight chenille yarn - a finer/thinner (and NOT PINK) version of the yarn that I used for my first hat the other day! ;-p

N.B. I will be crossposting this to my LiveJournal, LJ communities and Ravelry...