February 21st, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

09:14 @kplawver that LJ entry you linked to? "The requested URL /659165.html. was not found on this server." ... #

09:15 @kplawver Oops - was just coz of the trailing '.' #

09:19 natalief.livejournal.com/913079.html #

09:25 Chewing own cheek iz not nutrishius. Also it HURTZ! More if do it six or seven times in as many minutes & include lip and tongue! :( #

09:39 The coldsores are breeding... #

11:01 Can anyone tell me the leet foo mac OSX juju needed to change the default app that a file extension always opens with not only for one file? #

11:04 Open with... Other Always only works for that one file, it seems, unlike windoze. Wometimes windoze works more intuitively IMHO and IME...:) #

11:04 (Sometimes, that is) #

11:45 Time for brunch. #

12:56 It seems nobody can lend me the leet foo mac OSX skilz juju. Will wait for LoudTwitter and my livejournal readership to help out. ;-p #

13:06 Amazing stairs tinyurl.com/2ycdfg #

14:30 Needs a nap. Branes hurtz. #

18:04 Woken by Smudge an hour or so ago but I refused to get up and reward her by feeding them early. Can has headache again. That can has lose... #

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Fever. Headache. Just bog standard run-of-the-mill-for-me ILL!

This is getting SO old. I hope to make it to counselling tomorrow because it is the last one for a while and I think that I *NEED* somewhere to vent this frustration. I will have to try to go by train because hubby needs my car. I just hope I feel slightly better than this by 13:30, though, otherwise all bets are off. MELTING!!! FREEZING!!! HURTING!!!

I somehow doubt that I will make it to Clack & Yak tomorrow night in Arundel, though. BAH!

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CIMG3811, originally uploaded by natalief.

My first socks. Not yet blocked but they fit, at least. Yes, that is my huge foot and pudgy ankle on my desk (the best light is on the desk where the two windows and two full-spectrum lamps help out).

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I give up (trying to sleep, that is)...

I tried knitting. I tried reading (paper/book). Listening to music on my iPod. Meditating. Thinking. Lather, rinse and repeat. I am still awake. So, now I am listening to the iPod and spodding - rotating photos in flickr, reading LJ, reading feeds and writing in my LJ - all from my iBook on the bed. Today is officially a write-off.

Am I the only one that has a running commentary in their mind? A narration of the here and now - a constant autobiography? I strongly begrudge that I cannot take a video / movie / sequence of stills of everything I see, automatically through my eyes and record my thoughts constantly as an autobiography. If I could, I might remember it or at least be able to replay it. I might also have more to leave behind. I find the thought that all of the thousands of photographs that I have taken and thoughts that I have had will likely die with me. One day. When I do.