February 20th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

04:10 Gah. 3 hours sleep > 0 but only just. Woke at 3 am. Read for an hour but am still wide awake. Given up and got out of bed to spod / k ... #

12:14 Today I am mostly awake for two hours, asleep for two hours, awake for ... ad nauseum! I must not be well. #

12:16 ... eats more meds and negotiates with felines for custody of the bed ... for another two hours no doubt ... #

12:39 Gains custody of the bed. #

17:07 Awake again. Take seventy-five. #

19:53 @kplawver no milk but then I am casein-free (dairy-free) and I doubt that soya or rice milk would work with earl grey... #

22:58 There is stuff that I can/should do but I think meds and bed is a better idea. Maybe I'll be more human tomorrow that way and can do it then #

23:01 @Vivdora I use wrap when I do short row heels and toes on socks (only done one pair): snurl.com/1zz4r + snurl.com/1zz4u 4 info #

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