February 17th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

10:34 awake and about to head into shower #

11:18 @regularjen pancakes: buy a bottle of pancake mix. pour into hot oiled frying pan. cook. eat. ;-p #

11:19 @regularjen although, preferably (in my case) find an american pancake recipe that is dairy- and wheat-free... ;-p #

11:22 @regularjen I will try to remember to ask mum next time I speak to her and/or google. rty delia's webby? #

11:34 @regularjen just remembered an ooooold recipe book that I have that used to me mum's and has her recipe in it. Will email you pancake recipe #

13:43 @sbisson ah - cool. Not going to Lurgashall? #

19:56 Another busy day after 5 hours sleep. Up at 10 am because itinerary and timings not known. Visited Winery with friends. Good to catch up! :) #

19:56 @mollydotcom crepuscular? matutinal? vespertine? *googles* #

19:58 ooooo new definitions for wurds! #

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