February 15th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

02:05 02:02 I *should* (evil word) go to bed. I have couselling tomorrow. However, I am actually awake at the moment. Maybe I'll sleep in a while. #

11:13 @cindyli How'd you two do that ♥ thing in twitter? #

11:15 ahh - I see. In Twitter (web) it looks like a red &hearts. In Twhirl it just looks like a < and a 3. #

11:15 @neilford <3 #

11:16 BTW, this means that I just woke up to my alarm! Should be okay to get the train to Horsham in just over two hours... #

11:37 shower time. like hammer time but less of the baggy trousers. ;-p #

12:35 @cindyli re.: geekslovebowling.com - explains why another random tweeter added me (& then got blocked, as I always do if I don't know them). #

15:22 Walked to town after counselling. Having brunch in the new subway. #

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A new game

Something new to do while I knit! If you like Settlers of Catan and similar boardgames (and even if you have no idea what that is!), you might like Travian!
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