February 10th, 2008


A Strike! Our demands!

I have just read a blog post by another PwMS and felt compelled to post this excerpt:

1.) No more weak legs.
2.) No less than 8 hours of deep tissue REM sleep each night.
3.) All sensory feelings must return.
4.) Any and all medicines must be in pill form, affordable, safe, proven effective.*
(*no side effects allowed unless prescribing doctor experiences each one)
5.) All holes, missing or shrunken, scarred or damaged areas of brain must be returned and/or repaired*
*This shall hold true for entire Central Nervous System (CNS)
6.) Cognitive difficulties will be resolved within 1 week.
7.) Any and all neurological depression and fatigue will cease immediately.
8.) Spasticity will not be allowed nor any bladder/bowel dysfunction.
9.) All needles and IV's will be placed firmly in chosen doctor/nurses wrists.
10.) These demands may be added to as memory allows.