February 8th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:27 Out of bed and trying to wake up. Missed delivery. Hoping car is better behaved today. Mu-u-u-u-st wake u-u-u-u-up! #

11:51 Knitted a row and the row-counter has disappeared off my needle! :( #

11:52 I would lose my head... :( #

11:53 Oops - LOL - it was there all along! Hiding under the knitted row! D'OH! :( #

13:39 Finally in car on way to counselling. Have knitting packed too so may not go home b4 this evening's Clack & Yak. #

16:16 Subway for a late brunch. #

18:30 I should have eaten better before I came here. This is a pretty expensive French restaurant. My food stuff makes ordering hard! #

19:01 Not sure this venue is really 'me'! Will see what the knitters are like when they arrive... #

19:24 Feeling sleepy in this relaxing ambience - warm with mellow french lounge music. Hope I wake up to drive home later! #

21:49 Just leaving to drive home. Was great fun and I was not the youngest! #

22:26 home safe #

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