February 7th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

08:47 Trying to wake up 45 mins after alarm. Am out of bed at least... #

09:53 Leaving for hospital appointment. Relatively unbusy busy day. Will recce. Arundel for tomorrow evening, though. May shop in Chichester... :) #

13:12 In Starbucks after hospital appointment and yarn shop. :) #

14:03 Have stopped for lunch at Fontwell. Was hoping to recce Arundel but car is making knocking noise... #

14:24 Knocking noise in back of car. Is that oil? I forget what to do. Am not at car yet. Eating. :) #

15:46 Oops - tweet before this was supposed to be an SMS to hubby! D'OH! #

15:47 Am home safe - but uplighter bulb died as I turned it on. Did not make it to Arundel. Brought lawnmower-sounding car straight home. #

15:48 Hope car will be okay for tomorrow! On more positive note, woman came over to ask me about magic-loop knitting in hospital waiting room! :) #

15:48 @phinnia *hugs* #

15:50 'xausted and need spoons tomorrow and Friday - I think a nap is in order to regenerate spoons. *zonk* #

18:50 Awake again. In cat-feeding process (step 1 of >=3) and knitting sock. Am nearly up to the long rib cuff of second toe-up sock! Can't ... #

18:52 @cindyli Do you have 'All sizes' turned on in flickr? I have it turned off (except for family) so stealing only pos. with screen captures... #

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