February 6th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

14:31 My week just got more busy. My counsellor is not on leave and I have missed appointmnts with her 'knowing' that she was! :*( #

14:34 @phinnia halflife of meds depends on the takers' metabolisms. Meds that are meant to take three weeks to work have taken 24 hours for me.;-p #

14:52 Walking to post letter. #

15:15 Home safe. #

15:55 Would sleep but I have to find paperwork (!?!) and make a phonecall - I hate phones... #

19:05 I did nap. Paperwork and phonecalls will have to wait. Now waking up, knitting, spodding and feeding cats. I CAN HAZ SPRING NAU PLZ? NEEDZ!! #

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My day

  • Well. I managed to get some sleep. 4 hours.
        no sleep < 4 hours < enough
  • I made it to the hospital in time for my appointment.
  • Was asked in the waiting room (whilst knitting my second sock) about the magic-loop technique that I was using.
  • I went in to see my neuro on time (she was either not running late or had had a cancellation).
  • There was lots of useful talk. Maybe another friends-locked (non-public) entry about the more gory details, later on.
  • She reads my LJ and knew about me knitting! YAY! ;-p
  • Apparently the codeine in co-codamol might be making my IBS/constipation worse, which I knew. What I did not know was that it might be making my RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) worse as well. I had three vials of blood drawn to test for iron and thyroid weirdness that might be causing the RLS.
  • We looked up my MS diagnosis date in my file. I knew it was Sept 1998 but not what date. It was 10th Sept 1998. I have still not decided whether to celebrate / mark / ignore / drown the ten year anniversary of that, this September.
  • We talked about my double vision but I do not remember whether a solution was suggested (other than closing one eye whilst knitting!).
  • I went into Chichester, bought a 4mm circular needle, and some small point protectors in C&H and a couple of battery operated pushbutton lights in Lakeland. I also bought cream 'cheese' and honey puffed rice in Holland & Barratt. I had a fruit juice frappachino-a-like (I forget what they call them) in Starbucks.
  • Drove to the Little Chef in Fontwell and had a 'breakfast' for brunch. Had planned to drive into Arundel to reconnoiter before tomorrow night (Clack & Yak) but the car had developed a lawnmower-like knocking noise and so I just came home.
  • Iz ded nau.
  • I should go to bed so that I am awake for counselling and Clack & Yak. I seem to be knitting, though... ;-p
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