February 4th, 2008

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Therapeutic stitching/knitting questionnaire

Stitchlinks would appreciate it if any and all stitchers/knitters could answer their questionnaire about knitting, pain, depression and addictions.
Betsan Corkhill of Stitchlinks is working on exciting projects to help measure the effects of using knitting and stitching to help ease and manage pain, depression, to quit smoking and other addictions and ailments. Stitchlinks is an international friendship network that combines the health and community benefits of knitting and crochet with practical health information. Betsan will be one of the speakers on Stitch’n’Bitch Day on Saturday.
Stitchlinks needs your help. Collecting a large amount of anecdotal evidence will help Stitchlinks get knitting officially recognized for it’s therapeutic benefits. That means thousands of examples, so the help of every knitter and stitcher is needed. Click here to fill in the questionnaire. Please encourage as many knitters as you know take part in this unique research!
Visit www.stitchlinks.com for more information.

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