January 31st, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

07:56 I'm still awake having spent the night knitting, spodding and untangling frogged yarn. Seriously considering buying a ball/yarn/wool winder. #

07:57 @phinnia POTW? #

09:07 Have not been to sleep. Am in the village eating brunch and then will go to library and pharmacy. #

10:46 Grrrrr - repeat prescription ordering system CAN HAZ FAIL! :( Ah well - am online in library for £1.25 / 30 mins - not too shabby! #

10:48 Collected 2 x S&B books from library. The third that I ordered has not yet arrived. Bought a Jean Greenhowe book for 80p in charity bookshop #

11:41 Am home safe. Am finally sleepy. #

11:48 @mollydotcom beautiful song, lyrics, voice,... ;-p #

17:00 awake. headache. eye-pain. meds and water, i guess #

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lol-cat, muahaha

I forgot to nail them to the desk!

Sitting in the living room after eating dinner and waiting for Torchwood to come on, my lap was being kept very warm by Pixel. I was conscious that I wanted to go and get my knitting but did not want to spoil the kitty-bonding moment and so I waited as long as possible. Eventually I dashed through to the other room to grab the kntting. I picked it up and took it through to the living room. I was in a rush because the programme had started and did not notice that I had left the following on my desk:
  • stitch holder
  • knitting needle point protectors
  • row counter

I did not need them but had not yet put them away.

When I came back to my desk later on, the following of the above was still on the desk:
  • stitch holder

The row counter was on the floor. The knitting needle point protectors are nowhere to be found.

You see, I had forgotten the first rule of being owned by Smudge (written from Smudge's P.O.V., of course):
"If it fits in my mouth and is light enough for me to carry, especially if it is batt-able and play-with-able, then you will never see it again - at least not until I deem it fit that you should or until hell freezes over - or maybe both!

/me resigns herself to go into the village again tomorrow to buy new point protectors at the post office...

{ETA: We have since found *one* of the two point protectors. <irony>Perfect for those knitting patterns that call for only one knitting needle...</irony>}
stim, knit-stim, knitting

New trick!

I have just learned how to hand-wind a ball of yarn so that it pulls/feeds from the middle - from the Stitch & Bitch book that I got in the library. Awesome! I had been considering spending £25 on a ball winder but now I don't need to!

Twitter seems to be dead for now

Then again, so am I! I think that I might need to go back to bed for a while. I was up for a crazy number of hours 'yesterday' and have only had a few hours sleep since then.

Anyway - I thought that I would check in here because I cannot check in on Twitter! ;-p