January 30th, 2008


Postcard fiction, anyone?

I spotted a link to this on phinnia's journal. clawfoot would like us all to send them a short (100-200 word) piece of fiction on a postcard. I am contemplating sending a drabble or something similar such as a ficlet - I already have examples of both. I also have postcards and stamps already!

Read this post to find out what address to send your postcard(s) to, and more, if you are interested in taking part!

P.S. Do not send these to me (unless you want to!) - the address to send your postcard fiction to is in the post linked to above!

Online at the library

£1.25 for 30 mins. Not too bad.

I have discovered that the repeat prescription I ordered online a week ago and did not get a confirmation email for and so re-ordered a few days later and *still* did not get a confirmation for has not made it to the pharmacy. That means that I am out of one of my meds (and have been for a few days now). At least they did get the repeat for propranolol that I sent a day earlier and so I am not going to have to be without that!