January 27th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:21 Kinda awake. Room spinny. @regularjen I love US pancakes. Yet to find/make wheat-free and dairy-free version/recipe. We have griddle though. #

11:23 @twhirl I have been wondering what the green circle is bottom-right in the latest version with the tooltip "100%". Should RTFM I guess. #

11:25 @twhirl is there a user-editable way to slightly change or add colour-schemes? #

13:23 @regularjen I <3 the brainy half-troll too! I wanna see him live again! *heads off to youtube in the meantime* #

15:13 Bill Bailey - the man can play SO many instruments! snurl.com/1yaj8 #

15:25 YouTube is addictive. Bill Bailey Magic Roundabout? snurl.com/1yak1 BE AFRAID!!! ;-p #

15:44 gah - headache - meds - nap... #

15:47 BTW, if any of you need a proofreader/editor and/or software or website QA/tester (functionality and, my bugbear, usability) PM me! Bed now. #

21:40 Getting people adding me on twitter that I don't know but that seem to share a twitter contact. Not sure whether to add them back or not.... #

23:13 Ah - it looks like hubby has got his parents' house back online! ;-p #

23:16 ;-) #

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