January 26th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:08 Awake byt dreading making certain phone calls. Bad enough that I hate talking on the phone because I forget what to say and what was said... #

11:11 @Vivdora We don't / didn't watch ER. sorry... #

11:51 @mollydotcom Happy Birthday! #

11:52 @Vivdora Glad you got the pattern sorted. I used to love ER... #

12:18 I HATE the telephone! I THINK I wrote everything down. Would not go any slower for me to make notes. Seemed in hurry to get off phone. Bah!! #

12:46 Decision made: Not much food in house so decide to walk to village/Budgens. Need to go to library, anyway. Not currently raining at least... #

16:23 That sucks. None of today's tweets via SMS gpt tp twitter. :(( #

16:40 Writes blog entry containing the SMSs that I sent to the old number for Twitter while I was out today. Bah! :( #

17:05 My sms tweety twitterings that never got to twitter from earlier today can be found at natalief.livejournal.com/894515.html #

17:06 /me updates @twhirl but it loses my selected colour scheme. Bah. #

17:07 also, @twhirl is missing at least twi of my tweets from twitter.com/home... #

17:09 Ah - that is better - resetting colour settings and restarting @twhirl helps it to find all of my timeline. #

17:09 Ugh - nap time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz #

18:39 Spring onions hidden in the salad with my lunchtime baked potato have prevented sleep. Ah well. Time to feed cats, I guess... #

18:51 @regularjen nice leyboard but I use my mouse L handed does it come sans mouse or with L handed mouse? *surfs to see* #

19:00 Apart from the yarn gods liking me, life pretty much sucks right now. Maybe I should not have even spent the £10 on lunch and yarn today.... #

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Table Rappers: Persistent Spirit

If you like the sound of an Edwardian drama / thriller (think Sherlock Holmes) with a tinge of horror then you will love this podcast audiobook. I quite literally cannot wait for the next episode to come out each week and there have only been three episodes so far!

The story is read by the author, Neil Dixon, and his reading/speaking voice is perfect for the atmosphere invoked by the story. The books (for there are more in the wings) have been in his mind for a long time, only more recently being given life over at the Table Rappers website 1 and podcast 2.

There is a teaser promo MP3 3 that you can listen to by clicking on the link below but I am sure that Neil would prefer us to download it (right click and then 'save linked file as' - or whatever wording is used on your computer / OS) and then listen to it to reduce the bandwidth load on his server.

If any of you record a podcast, please do use one of the promos in your show and let Neil know that you are doing so!

Table Rappers website.
2 Table Rappers: Persistent Spirit podcast URL for iTunes/iPod.
3 Main Promo - Keynes 001.

RSS Feed.
Teaser Promo.
General Teaser Promo.

Of course, all of these links can also be found over at tablerappers.com! Enjoy!
apple, mac

OSX internals skilz needed

My demo copy of Pathfinder has just expired and I cannot afford to buy a license right now. Unfortunately, there is something deep in the Finder's internals that it has changed and I don't know how to change it back with out a running copy of PathFinder.

In PathFinder there was a preferences option to not display the Finder's desktop (e.g. all of the files on the desktop as icons) which was either set by default or I had set it. Now that I am no longer running PathFinder (which I miss, by the way), I can still not see any of the files in Finder's Desktop folder as icons *on* the screen desktop. It is not a fatal flaw because I can still look in that folder in a Finder window, but I think that it is a bit weird that I cannot access that internal setting anywhere except through the PathFinder Preferences window.

So, does anyone know any OSX/BSD/*nix command-line-foo that would enable me to set or unset the setting and enable the Desktop contents to be displayed again? Are there any funky online references for such OSX internals secrets? Does OSX have some kind of windoze-like-registry? Is there a BSD-like file somewhere that I need to edit?

Help! ;-p