January 25th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:36 Stepping awaaaay from google reader and the knitting needles and going off to bed, perchance to sleep/dream. Okay, not sane... ;-p ~@-@~ O_o #

16:23 Oops - it is Thursday. I did not realise and did not go to counselling. :( #

16:24 I was looking forward to this week, as well... :(( #

16:24 ... but I have only just surfaced ... #

16:32 @kplawver BTW, ‘now’ iz speld NAU n ‘you’ iz speld U! LERN 2 SPEL ! ;-p KITTEHZ FTWLOLWTFBBQ ! KTHXBAI #

16:54 I *knew* it was Wednesday today and so sleeping a lot would give me more spoons for my last counselling session for weeks Thursday ... D'uh! #

18:42 I am a knitting/crocheting/spodding zombie. That is all that I can manage. I hate this part of the MonSter. #

18:51 Coming to the conclusion that this is actually a migraine today. Everything I look at kinda shimmers like an oasis. That and the pain, OFC.. #

18:52 s/oasis/mirage/ gah #

19:19 Definitely migraine. Staggering around while feeding cats. Ah well... #

19:27 Have also managed to empty and re-fill the dishwasher without breaking anything and without nutting the sharp cupboard door corners! Yay me! #

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My walk today

I just walked into the village and back. During the process I sent a number of SMS tweets to the *wrong SMS number* for Twitter and so they never arrived there. Luckily my phone is set to save sent SMSs and so I can rebuild the journey here for you...


1 This one was sent from my mac before I left and so did make it onto twitter.
2 I walked past someone who looked like Mrs Spiers did in those days.
3 New 9v battery for my radio alarm clock.
4 LOADS of yarn! LOADS of cotton 4ply yarn in purple/lilac!
5 ...not that turning notifications on by sending 'ON' to the wrong SMS number worked...


I spent some time in Burfields (where I bought my yummy baked potato and fruit smoothie) knitting my sock while letting lunch/brunch settle and enquired there and in the library if there is a knitting group that meets in the village - there does not seem to be.
Now I am knackered and have a headache.