January 24th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:46 melting #

10:22 Guts from Hell (not merely Heck). So much pain and unpredictability. Did the heel on my first toe-up sock last night. Just need to knit leg. #

11:13 Giving up on life for the day (or for now at least) and going back to bed. Damn guts! I think I have a bug or it is something I ate. Ughuh:( #

11:27 Strike that. Guts not allowing sleep. Giving Immodium time to work first. Sorry for the boring, depressing illness TMI all the time here..:( #

15:09 Waking up again. #

15:29 @Vivdora Immodium+sleep did the trick - for now, anyway. Drinking lot of water now. Feeling okay-ish. #

16:48 Definitely not well. Achy and ugh. I always get gut problems if I am ill in the slightest... #

17:28 Definitely not well. Have just K1b instead of P1 and P1 instead of K1b for a whole looooong row of sweater! Unknitting... #

23:28 @Vivdora sounds like a weird complicated pattern! *hugs* #

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stim, knit-stim, knitting

Knitting & nothing

I am sleeping a lot right now and, when I am not asleep, forgetting what day it is and not making it to my last counselling session until she comes back from a vacation in over a month, I am spodding, knitting and occasionally crocheting and/or watching TV. Sometimes I cook or eat.

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