January 22nd, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:14 @regularjen Uggs boots give grrls the power/license/? to dress in clothes that friends and I used to wear to sixth form in the eighties! ;-p #

00:14 Ibuprofen gel kills shoulder pain VERY FAST! Now, though, headache impending. Sleep nau... zzz #

11:36 I have six games waiting for my turn in email scrabulous and when I click the links, they 404. Scrabulous is not down. Game engine must be:( #

11:49 @ndixon I hope not :( #

18:35 Made soup (which is always exhausting) and had just sat down and knitted four stitches when... oh well. #

23:07 Cooked soup, cleaned up in the kitchen, cooked dinner (curry) and watched TV whilst knitting. Not such a taskless day - I acheived stuff! :) #

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