January 21st, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

08:14 Awake kinda. Being screamed at by Pixel. Nothing new there, then! #

09:17 Going back to bed for a while. #

13:51 mmmmm peanut butter on cfgf muffins #

13:55 @ndixon updating PS does not download ep 3 in iTunes for me. :( #

15:56 @ndixon oops - i misread your steracle ;-p #

15:57 Switching between sweater knitting, sock kitting and teddy bear crocheting calms the ADD restlessness sufficiently. ;-p #

16:00 "@ndixon: Steracle: PersistentSpirit in iTunes ( tinyurl.com/2x6lbb )" misread as "@ndixon: Steracle: PersistentSpirit 3 in iTunes" #

18:04 Have finally wrapped a parcel to send to an old friend. Will try to post it tomorrow... #

18:06 @kplawver have fun with Labyrinth. One of my fave films of all time > Princes Bride! I love the soundtrack, too. #

18:07 Wonders why growl notofication of iTunes tracks have disappeared. iTunes is not in growl settings any more. Not got last iTunes so not that. #

18:11 @Vivdora My cats are more into chasing the end of my needles than the yarn/wool. So atypical of them! ;-p #

18:13 @ndixon My ealier tweet stands. Chapter 3 does not get sucked into iTunes. #

18:15 I must have been being prescient. Nothing new there... #

18:18 CHapter 3 of Table Rappers: Persistent Spirit ( tablerappers.com/ ) finally gets sucked into iTunes! YAY! #

18:18 @ndixon now I know. ;-p #

18:20 @Twhirl twitter.com/favorites shows no faves but Favourites in dropdown shows some (that I have already deleted). #

18:23 @ndixon ;-p #

21:12 Retweeting @ndixon: Steracle: A little bitty gift ( tinyurl.com/28o6bx ) -> " Sorry, I did not find anything matching you sear ... #

21:15 Have just watched documentary on Five about Alison Lapper. Amazing woman. Normal woman. Reminds me of my best mate Emma. True of her too. :) #

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Toe-up sock on magic loop

Toe-up sock on magic loop, originally uploaded by natalief.

"I think that this might be coming out a little large but it is a 75% wool yarn and so may shrink. I can always use them as bed-socks!"

If you are on Ravelry, the project is here.

I initially started a cuff-down sock (ravelry) with this yarn that I have now frogged because the pattern was a heel-flap and I could not get my head around the instructions after I knitted the flap.

I think that I might turn this picture into my knitting icon/userpic! Finally!

I think that I might be addicted to magic loop. It is so much more portable than I would imagine DPNs to be!

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Can't play my Scrabulous turns

I have six games waiting for my turn in email scrabulous and when I click the links, they 404.

The Scrabulous website is not down. The 'game engine' part of the site must be.

Someone just suggested on twitter that Scrabble might finally have closed Scrabulous down. I hope not! :(
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Sussex knitting/crochet meetups?

I would love to try to meet up with other knitters for a Stitch'n'Bitch or similar gathering. I am doing OK by using Ravelry and other online yarncraft resources but there are a few things that I would love to ask someone F2F how to do it and/or what I am doing wrong.

About me:
  • I am mildly disabled and so would rather not have to walk far.
  • I do not have access to a car during the week.
  • I live very near to the railway station in Billingshurst.
  • Assuming that we meet at lunchtime or teatime, it is relevant that I tell you that I have some food intollerances and so any venue that involved food would have to have a dairy-free, wheat-free and chilli-free (other food restrictions) option. Any steakhouse or similar as well as most pubs and Wagamama will serve food that I can eat.

Possible locations/venues:
  • Billingshurst, of course - four pubs and a few other eateries - one pub is right next to the station of other people that arrive y train.
  • Horsham - relatively easy for me to get to by train but then a pretty long walk into the town centre, if that is where we met. There is a Beefeater right by the station in Horsham, though.
  • Crawley is easy for me to get to by train and the town centre (e.g. County Mall with food court and the many other pubs, cafés and coffee bars that are nearby) is only a few yards from the station.
  • Brighton, which I love and has the amazing Wagamama, would be easy to get to if I still had access to a car but is a nightmare to get to and from by train - I have to change at Three Bridges or Gatwick and is a really long journey.
  • Anywhere else on the Brighton line, such as East Grinstead, would require a similar change.
  • Anywhere else that I can get to easily by train. PDF download of the SE UK rail map.
  • Chichester would have been an option in the past but the trains no longer run there without me changing at Horsham.

  • I am most awake in the afternoons and evenings.
  • I would rather not travel far at night by train in the winter.
  • Weekends are a possibility and I would even have access to the car sometimes on a Saturday (never on a Sunday, though).

So, if anyone hears of a knitting/crochet meetup in Sussex, please do let me know.

Failing that I will consider setting up a meetup either in Horsham or Billingshurst, as long as I get enough interest..