January 20th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:45 @phinnia and @tallin32 yay caregiver! #

01:00 Suddenly tired. Then again, I have been up for nearly 18 hours! #

11:43 knitting, spodding, blogging - so what's new? ;-p #

12:54 @Vivdora Knit - or be taught to knit? ;-p #

13:58 I am usually totally happy handcoding html but am feeling lazy. Does anyone know of any graphical html editor for mac OSX, maybe even free? #

14:00 @pixeldiva ooo scotland. never been there. which bit are you in? Hubs used to work in (I think) Glasgow before we got together. Wear scarf!! #

14:01 @pixeldiva It may have been Edinburgh. The MonSter ate my memory... #

14:39 @phinnia *hugs* #

14:40 Casts on second try at socks - non flap-heel and toe-up instead of cuff-down. Moch more 'normal' socks IMO... #

14:56 Cats were asleep together on my bed. Smudge woke up suddenly and leapt off then threw up. She hates to upchuck like I do. Guessing hairball. #

16:16 ugh melting. will nap once i reach a sensible knitting stop... #

17:17 Have just finished knitting my first sock toe! Yay! Nap now. #

18:51 @phinnia have you tried magic loop? knitting a sock on one circular (cable)needle? it rocks! #

18:57 @rosiesherry did you catch/kill/eat/rob any dwaggins? #

19:32 @phinnia I learned Magic Loop here snurl.com/1xsl1 and have never bothered to use DMNs since! #

19:32 DPNs #

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Therapeutic knitting

I have just found an article online about the therapeutic benefits of stitching, especially knitting. I know that I forget any pains while I am knitting, crocheting or cross stitching. I also snack less and drink more water. Despite the sedentary nature of sitting and stitching, I am losing some weight. I am calmer. Yes, there is still underlying pain, stress and depression, but I find it easier to cope with. I think that there may be something in this.