January 19th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

12:14 Knitting is the new UO/WoW/addiction... #

12:14 @snitter How do I post from Snitter without it failing with "Unable to poste tweet..."?!? *gives up and reloads twitteriffic* #

12:17 dislikes twitteriffic and twitterpost because cannot see all of timeline without clicking each message - any OSX recommendations, anyone? #

12:22 LOL confused by a direct message about knitting - that was at least three seconds ago and so > 3 trains of thought! ;-p #

12:24 @neilford trying that ;-p @ndixon in snitter? #

14:22 @ndixon not in my version of twitteriffic (1.1.1) *goes to check for newer version* #

14:25 Testing new twittrt app (to me) Twhirl! Me likes thus far! #

14:30 *twitter* app, that is #

14:33 /me likes @twhirl thus far! #

14:41 Likes this newer twitteriffic as well #

14:47 Settles on @twhirl for now. I just wish I could change the skin to greyscale from this lurid turioqse! ;-p #

14:48 *turquoise* #

14:50 @twhirl OOooo! Thanks! I did not see that LOL #

14:55 @kplawver codeine is more fun than morphine! ;-p #

15:39 @twhirl I see all @ replies you make even to people I don't follow despite my twitter setting being to only see those I follow - why? #

15:45 @twhirl - ah yes. it seems that I do and so it must be a bug in twitter not twhirl. ;-o #

15:49 @pixeldiva hell is being mostly housebound in a nice sized 2 bed flat full of stuff and not having an attic to stuff all of the stuff into!! #

15:50 Bah. @twhirl is suffering from the same 'pretending to post but never actually doing so' that @snitter used to. Must be AIR. :( #

15:50 False alarm - @twhirl / AIR just had a *huge* lag spike. #

15:52 @neilford ;-p *hugs* #

15:53 @twhirl more explanation - sometimes it greys out for about a sec and then clears the input box. This time took 30 sec + . #

15:57 @twhirl hence me saying that it seemed to be a lag spike and that I used to see the same in snitter which also uses AIR #

15:57 @twhirl but I now understand that it is twitter's fault. ;-p #

15:58 @twhirl can you tell that I am a medically retired pedantic tester from heck? (software/web QA/usability/functionality/accessability) ;-p #

16:00 *turns of twitter notifications by SMS* ... *wishes there was an easy way of saying "only SMS me when I am not at the computer!" * ;-p #

16:16 @neilford Yeah but SMSs cos moolah... ;-p #

16:16 @twhirl I'm glad that I am not swamping you! ;-p #

19:43 @phinnia /me crosses everything for you re. respite interview! #

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apple, mac

All backed up

Having finally got access (all be it temporarily, sporadically probably unpredictably) to a windoze machine (hubby's windoze slaptop - he now runs windoze in parallels on his macbook), I have been able to back up all (I think) of my livejournals using ljArchive. This is great because my xjournal history seems to refuse to search part of the history. No idea why. At least, if I use the 'doze machine, I can search the ljArchives. Now, if only ljArchive files could be read in an app on OSX (non-intel dual G5 running 10.4.11) and not require windoze and .NET (a java app or some such that emulates ljArchive?) I would be ecstatic and not need to boot up the 'doze slappy!

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