January 18th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

04:27 I woke up again about an hour ago and am hungry, so that is probably why. I hope I'll still be awake enough for the train journeys later on. #

04:28 I had to post that via the twitter home page because @snitter is giving me an "Unable to post tweet." error despite being closed and re-run. #

15:58 Home safe. @snitter is refusing to post, again, with "unable to send..." #

16:33 Very tired and now nasty weatherhead which thankfully only started during counselling and not before I left home so I actually went. #

16:34 @snitter is now officially pissing me off. It is ALWAYS now "Unable to send tweet" despite restarts and so on! :( #

16:54 life is getting away from me. all i can do is sleep and knit without getting stressed out or upset. *prays for spring + things to calm down* #

17:08 gives up on life for now and [s]hibernates[/s]naps #

22:26 gives up after three hour np and supper and goes back to bed again #

22:26 np=nap with added typo #

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Writer's Block: Best. Concert. Ever.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?
U2. Joshua Tree tour. *does sums* 1988? The third year of my BSc, anyway. Wembley Stadium - the old one. My right leg was in plaster and I had crutches because I had smashed my foot and ankle in a freak (and, in retrospect, MS-related) trampolining accident. This meant that my boyfriend and I did not have to queue for hours or stand in the meleé on the ground but were whisked in before anyone else (except the wheelchairs and other disabled/wounded). That album still brings tears to my eyes and chokes me up. At the end, they finished with this track. The crowd sang it all the way through the slow slow SLOW walk back to the underground station...

Today's tadas

  • Woke at 07:20.
  • Have not had a nap since!
  • Cleaned the cats' littertray.
  • Washed and dressed.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Took meds.
  • Tidied the kitchen.
  • Knitted a lot.
  • Read LJ.
  • Read feeds in google reader.
  • Tried out a new Twitter client (or two).
  • Decided on a Twitter client (Twhirl).
  • Served soup for mum when she came over for lunch.
  • Reminisced with mum over photo albums and my US diary (age 5).
  • Watched NCIS.
  • Spodded in general.
  • Knitted a lot more.

N.B. this is an unordered (<ul>) list.
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