January 14th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

20:13 I slept through all of daylight again today. Truly nocturnal when I have a choice. Trying to work out phone -> flickr... #

20:15 @phinnia and @tallin32 surely it is not respite if they can cancel without finding a replacement? :( *hugs* #

20:16 @kplawver I've got wood! Oh. Wait. I'm a girl. ;-p #

20:22 ...and, of course, flickr goes down just as I need to look up the email address I need to send pictures to from my phone... #

20:49 Ugh. That cooked chicken *smelled* okay but now I am not so sure... (TMI!) #

20:53 Have paperwork and stuff to do that must be done tonight but suddenly need sleep. May have to have nap. BAH! #

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Why do I think FaceBook is 'evil' and 'data-mining'?

This is copied from a reply to an LJ comment elsewhere:

*looks around for linky*

RegularJen tells it better than I do.

I have tried to email them to tell them to delete mine (ed; my facebook account) but have not yet had a reply. You cannot delete it yourself, all they let you do is 'inactivate' it.

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