January 12th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

02:33 Woken by Smudge. 2.5 hours sleep is > none... #

06:31 Then again, I can't really go back to sleep yet. My injectables arrive today and so I need to be awake to answer the door. #

16:27 Recently awake having taken delivery of injectables and having had to cancel a lunch with mum (weatherhead on top of bug- a bit better now). #

18:52 return of the weather-head... #

18:54 @cindyli i used to know what layertennis is but have forgotten - so, what is it? #

19:00 NTS: don't try to multitask whilst knitting more than a plain knit stitch-pattern. finish the row first. *unknits and reknits* #

19:02 mmmmm codeine #

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Who wants to play Scrabble with me?

...via the email version of Scrabulous, not on the evil data-mining facebook.

If you do, let me have your email address and I will challenge you. Also say whether you would prefer a two, three or four player game and, assuming enough of you are interested, I can invite more than one of you into one game.

P.S. We will use the SOWPODS dictionary.

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