January 11th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

12:36 Woken by alarm at 11:30 and counselling cancelled by phone. Also, why I don't tweet much at 'night'; snurl.com/1x2dp ... #

13:27 Alternating melting hot with freezing cold is not fun at all and getting very old very fast. #

14:24 Starting to feel human but exhausted all the same. Time for a nap... #

16:52 a 90 minute nap is > none #

19:35 Have peeled, chopped and am now cooking soup. Sooooo sleeeepy... #

23:06 Soup and other fuds eaten. All knitted and crocheted out. Bed time... #

23:10 @cindyli stickers look great! ooo! shiny! poing! #

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ill, skele_ill

Dreaded insomnia

I guess that it has something to do with being ill right now and sleeping so much at weird hours but I only seem to be able to sleep for about two to three hours at a stretch before I wake up again and am wide awake.

Then again, it does not help that Smudge seems to have developed a plot to take custody of my bed full time! Every time I lie down for a nap she wakes me up after about two hours by scratching at something and/or playing with something that she should not that I thought I had buried/hidden well on my desk. I guess that I should wear earplugs more often like I used to.

The thing is, I need to be awake today during* the day because mum is coming over for lunch. I hope that I;
  1. manage to get some more sleep.

  2. manage to be awake in time.

  3. feel well enough that I do not have to cancel.

That last one is not a certainty. I was feeling a little better earlier but have also felt a lot worse today. I also do not want to give her this bug.

I did actually do something today - washed loads of pots and utensils that do not go in the dishwasher, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, peeled and chopped a butternut squash as well as chopping potatoes and carrots and then making them into soup. I did a cursory clean in the kitchen, as well.

* (I initially wrote curing!?)