January 7th, 2008



The painkillers are starting to work (pain in my left shoulder and neck). I may actually be able to sleep soon...
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I seem not to have used Snitter/Twitter in the last day or so and so there was nothing shipped here, today, by LoudTwitter. I have just tweeted the following which may cover things;

"I have not been here much this weekend. Saturday was mainly sleep and Sunday was yarn-buying and knitting. Now's mostly insomnia and pain..."

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to all of my LJFriends who have birthdays today1 (and this month) and to any of you that I have missed over the 'holiday period' - but especially to nassus (one of our real-life-and-not-only-online-and-or-livejournal friends who is the other side of the world from us where she lies in Australia) because I forgot to send her a card. *blushes*
Sorry and *hugs*!


1 I am sure that I missed a load of you and I am sorry about that.

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I am sure that I remember reading a science fiction novel called "Unwired" but I can find no reference to it via Google. Can anyone help me out here? Am I hallucinating? If not, who wrote it?