January 4th, 2008


Suddenly - Symptoms and Sensations

I suddenly have a feeling between my right ear and right temple that there is a large serrated sword sticking into my head. OUCH! Yet another random neurological MonSter pain? Who knows. Time for another small dose of painkillers.

Another MonSter (maybe) thing that I keep meaning to document (for the last few years!) is the feeling/sound/sensation that there is a tap dripping in the top of my neck / back of my head (the brain-stem area). I hear it most lying in bed but it is almost always there unless there is too much other ambient noise around me to hear/feel it.

Also, my restless leg syndrome (RLS) at night has graduated top of its class and is now a restless and randomly twitching / spasming whole-body syndrome. As soon as I lie down in bed to sleep it begins and so it seems to be whenever I totally relax my body - which probably means that I never usually fully relax my body at any other time.

Coincidentally, I am seeing my neurologist on Wednesday and so I will try to remember to take a printout of this with me!

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from the last 24 hours

03:26 Suddenly very cold in here. Hope the trains are not frozen up tomorrow. I had better try to sleep now... #

10:18 Woke at 9:11. Alarm was due at 11:00. Trying to kick a headache before I go out today, otherwise I won't. #

11:06 Have decided. Can't face train journey to counselling. Too cold for the 30+ min wait for the train back afterwards. #

12:33 Painkillers and other remedies not helping vs. headache. Going back to bed. #

12:34 Phone on silent... #

17:09 Soup is on the stove. Finally. in half an hor there will be soup! #

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