January 3rd, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

10:49 awake and casting on socks... ;-p #

10:51 @cazm the best place to start is usually coffee and/or the beginnning! ;-p *hugs* #

11:04 @cazm My poison of choice is Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Dragonfly (green tea + mint tea in a teabag)! Coffee sometimes makes me sleepy! #

12:12 Time for some fuds! ... and to make supe! #

13:09 Keep falling/wobbling/staggering. Soup will have to wait until later - maybe after a nap... #

13:37 'The Spoon Theory' snurl.com/1wcso explains energy lack and conservation in CFS, lupus, MS and other shronic fatigue conditions. #

13:38 Someone asked about my use of 'spoons' as a metaphor for energy... #

13:39 I think that my wobbliness today is due to going so overdrawn in my spoons account over the last couple of days (that I still need to blog)! #

13:57 @rosiesherry I have used Vimeo for a couple of boring cat videos in the past www.vimeo.com/natalief #

17:10 Wakes up again. ;-p #

17:41 I may have to go back to using gmail on the web because, again, Mailplane has crashed dragging down Firefox and Safari... :( #

18:00 @snitter how can I tell what version of Snitter I am running? It does not seem to be in the About box... #

18:01 @snitter It is OK - I found it in a non-intuitive place - the Updates page from the dropdown. #

18:02 @kplawver whoops! #

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cold, ice

A sudden chill

The night has just got suddenly cold in here. Last time this happened everything was icy the next morning - I just hope that the trains run tomorrow! I had better try to get some sleep soon.
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