December 29th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

10:58 Was woken at 05:15 by Smudge. Have done some paperwork and had lunch. May have to start a new crotchet/knitting project (finished blanket). #

11:36 Relearning DPN knitting - over 8 stitches! #

11:40 @neilford I use but both work fine for me... #

11:43 I take it back. I FAIL to relearn how to knit with DPNs! I am gonna try with more stitches first... #

11:44 I am sure that having metal DPNs makes life harder but that is what I had. BTW, I mean knitting in the round... #

11:57 LFG local Stitch 'n Bitch or similar knitting meetup so I can learn... #

14:33 Soup is chopped, peeled, boiled, stocked and on the stove simmering for later. *phew* Need a rest now! #

14:35 Adds 2 of @ndixon' 2007 top audio novel list ( ) to iTunes. Already had Ancestor. Thanks! #

15:32 guh headache AGAIN #

16:11 SO. MUCH. PAIN. Not head this time - painkillers worked for that but not for this. Where? Not saying. T.M.I. I just want it to stop! :( #

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