December 26th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:21 I have barely been awake today but am still shattered and sleepy. Happy Humbug everyone! zzzzzzzz #

09:39 Merry xmas all! (Happy Humbug!) #

10:21 was up at 05:50 so nap time now (10:15)... #

22:34 Shattered. Despite wanting to watch Mr & Mrs Smith on TV, I am going to sleep. Knowing me I'll be awake again in two hours... #

22:34 @kplawver Dr Who was amazing! #

22:35 GN twitterverse! #

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get-fuzzy-blargh, blargh

Bleurgh blargh...

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Time to knit and listen to podcasts some more, I guess, before feeding the cats (and needing to stay awake long enough to do so)...
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