December 14th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

08:54 Woke up at 08:00. A bit happier this morning. sun++ #

10:42 Crocs are here (Endeavours). They are tighter/shorter than my Caymans (same size marked on the bottom. I am sure they will stretch... #

11:11 M&S delivery arrives too. Shirts for hubby and bra for me but I am already showered and dressed for today. Will try it on later. #

13:02 On train. It is COLD out here! #

13:15 Effing post office is shut! I'll be lucky he these cards and parcels arrive before Easter! :( #

15:09 My phone says it uses centralised time. It said 15:02. A train left from the back of platform. My train was meant to be 15:04. Display c ... #

15:09 e to wait until 15:30. Gonna in for lunch first. #

15:19 Beefeater opposite station FTW. Time to cool down after ickky counselling session. #

16:54 Home safe. Stuff STILL not posted. :( Knackered. Nap time. #

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I have done a sample/practice piece of Double Knitting (without border - see below) using up one 25g ball of Wendy DK Courtelle. I would like to make a blanket for a friend who had her first baby (girl) in October. I may try to buy yarn at the post office today (the one in the village has a great yarn/knitting/haberdashery section).

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