December 12th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:02 Listening to podcasts and knitting. @snitter is going doing its crash and not be able to be rerun unless it is reinstalled thang AGAIN. G5. #

01:02 Gives up on @snitter for now and uses the twitter home page - which is a pity... #

01:03 Takes co-codamol. #

15:19 Just waking up. 10 hours sleep again. #

18:29 So tired. So sleepy. Awaiting a phonecall. Managing to feed cats, deal with Pixel's cacophony of yeowls and making soup. Would sleep if not. #

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pixelasleep, sleep

Just woke up - again

Depressing dreams don't help.

Pretty depressed about tomorrow, TBH - I don't know if I will have the car (and be able to go to Sainsbury's and the post office) or have to go by train. The cards and parcels have not been posted yet. Gah - December. :(

TBH the baaaaad depression set in yesterday. I was dropping EVERYTHING and have had a constant headache for days, now...
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