December 9th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:07 Tired eyes from trying to match flag designs for a quiz. Will try to find the last two later. Anyone got flag resource links (inc. fiction)? #

11:59 Hating weather. Had hoped to go buy bras and Crocs. May hibernate instead. Weather-heads FTL! :( #

12:01 @regularjen I loved Aperture when I tried it. I am still wanting to upgrade PS CS to PS CS2 or 3! ;-p #

21:46 wanting to sleep for a year. Am wide awake now, though... #

22:14 "But, I didn't kill him! And I'd do it again if I had a chance!" Best line EVAR in anything anywhere! (CSI) #

23:33 @regularjen After infecting my LJFriends list with twitter, I infect you with knitting? Am sans knitting - finished scarf. Need new project! #

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[photo] Mmmmmmm supper - at 5 am!

CIMG3588, originally uploaded by natalief.

Yeah, I know, I am still awake. I am trying to finish this week's quiz from boyzici (I have 9/10 worked out) but the last one is a pain.

I gave up wheat and dairy a while ago (I get IBS) and have managed to replace one of my favourite foods (ice cream) but not the other - a good strong matured cheddar cheese and/or PIZZA! Having finally found a source for Sheese in the UK, I am giving it a try...

Click on this picture for a larger version and to view the notes I have left there on the image.

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