December 7th, 2007

kiki-shiny, kiki, shiny

Xmas list

Mammoth in black/black, Troika in red/red or one of these; Bistro and Specialist are funky, as are Velocity (also here). I am mainly after the comfortable sole that my Caymans provide but in a more weatherproof style. I have also considered the Endeavour or the Professional. These All Terrains are practical but, um, I don't know if I like the look. I also like the colour Sage (which is only available in some styles).


I bet they do not stock any of these styles anywhere in the UK yet, though (except the last two, maybe) - but I guess that I can spend any xmas money online...

I did just find this site, though...
creative, edm, edim


I forgot to say; earlier tonight, I finished the grey wool scarf that I was knitting. It is *just* long enough to tie with one knot and it will stretch. It knitted perfectly using the broken rib patter leaving a six inch tail of yarn from the two and (roughly) a half 50g balls of yarn.

Now I just have to decide whether to keep it (Wool! It itches! Fie!) or who to give it to. Also, what to knit next? I have two 25g balls of Wendy Double Knit Courtelle (one is grey and the other is rust coloured) and one 40g ball of Wendy Peter Pan Darling DK (white) left out of the yarn that my mum donated.

I might also undo the sampler that I did with that cream Evergreen and try to play with cables or something - maybe make a dishcloth, although I can't remember where I saw the pattern - rupestur, maybe?

Mum also mentioned that she knits squares, like granny used to. I forgot to ask *why* and/or *what for*. I also forgot to ask what dimensions that she uses.

Anyone got any ideas?