November 30th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:18 I have been neglecting my twittering! #

00:19 @phinnia when come back bring pie for everyone?! ;-p #

03:23 I should sleep, I guess... #

11:32 Awake (30 mins now), in an amount of pain and feeling 'whatever' about going to counselling today. Either have to drag myself or cancel... #

11:33 @neilford noooooo! (re. iPhone) *hugs* #

11:35 *takes meds and tries to eat* #

12:13 Still kinda blurgh despite meds and food. Have to decide soon... #

12:38 Decided. Can't face going out today having been out yesterday. Also have phonecalls to make and am going out tomorrow. Am cancelling. #

13:04 NTS: try to make sure you only go out every other day if any of the trips involve a lot of walking... #

17:44 Does your computer randomly play classical music? You must be running windoze then! #

18:52 @pixeldiva where better to fall down? Any nice new toys? #

23:42 Knitting is apparently like riding a bike. One quick read of a web page reminded me how to! As someone once said, knitting is very zen... #

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The Return of the Knitting Natalie!

Someone once said (I think that I remember who and I think it was on twitter but I am not sure);

'Knitting is very zen.'

Indeed, it is.

Tonight I picked up my 4 mm needles (dug out of storage) and the one small 50g ball of cream/off-white/natural coloured Evergreen Aran (70% cotton, 15% polyester &15% nylon) 'wool'/yarn that I had left and started to knit, casting on 30 stitches. By the time we had watched Hellboy (a re-rerun on TV) and eaten desert (I heated the custard in the microwave), I had knitted 9 inches (yeah, I know, I am mixing my metaphors and measurements) of a self designed (on the fly) design. I also discovered that I can still, years after I last knitted, knit without looking at my hands/needles except occasionally to count rows!

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ETA: I could not remember *how* to knit to start with and found this website very useful!
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A pre-internet rant/vent!

I have been looking at audiobooks and stumbled across LibriVox where, on their blog, they pointed to a YouTube video that used a LibriVox reading as the sound-track. In my opinion, it just proves that intellectuals have always needed an outlet where they could rant and vent even before the internet, blogs and forums (sic - fora) came along and so they used to write, on paper, and occasionally publish in books, magazines and newspapers.

Check out the comments on the video for further evidence that there are a whole spectrum of people these days as well and that you can tell a lot about them from their comments!!
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They told us they had fixed the leaks in our living-room ceiling.


Not only that but water is running down one of the walls!

Hubby took video and some stills and, when they are online, I will blog them and email links to the freeholder's management company.

At least we discovered this before they made us empty the room, replaced the ceiling and redecorated the room. However, had they done all of that the water would probably have just spent the next 6 to 12 months seeping through the new plasterboard ceiling and we could have sold the flat in the meantime. Instead we are trapped/stuck here longer still...


ETA: I am disabling comments because I am not up to coping with explaining it all over and over again. Our roof is a complex design and we are not the top floor flat. This is all of the entries here tagged with 'leak' which may help to explain - and/or I may feel more up to explaining tomorrow....
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