November 28th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

09:46 been up since 07:50 but going back to bed for a bit - shattered and not yet unpacked! #

12:09 feeling a bit better for a nap #

13:44 Unpacking in dribbles. Have emptied camera cards to my hard drive. Need to back up these and previous ones... #

13:45 Then I could even upload some to the web/flickr! *shock* #

13:50 My calendars have arrived! *squee* #

16:17 Still trying to track down a tune from an advert that I know I have in iTunes but the more tracks I sample the less I can recall it. :( #

16:17 ...and, of course, I cannot even remember what advert it is! Gah! The MonSter ate my brane! #

22:59 Spodding again after a meal and some TV. #

23:02 @mollydotcom If I were my first generation U2 iPod I would be in my handbag. #

23:03 @mollydotcom if I were a Zune I would still be in the shop. Just my 2 pence... #

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[thefridayfive] your insight about you (sic)

1. What is your favorite experience in your life so far?
Probably the hot air balloon ride that I went on for my 40th birthday.

2. What motivates you to keep going every day?

Being too unimaginative to do anything else.

3. Where do you want to go in life? What do you want to accomplish?

I have never really had any ambitions. I would like my photos and writing (and maybe my artwork) to make me some money and/or become well-known, I guess.

4. Is there anything that you regret? Do you try to change it?
I only regret (lots of) things that I cannot change, e.g. my health and things that I have done in relationships in the past.

5. What is your most cherished gift you have received? Why do you cherish it so much? (sic)
Assuming that they (the question author) mean, "What is the most cherished gift that you have received?" my answer is; my hubby's love.
If they really do mean, "What is your most cherished gift...?" then they either want to know what the most cherished thing that I have given away is (I have no idea and/or not a good enough memory) or they are asking what my most cherished gift/talent is and that is probably my eye for composition in photography/artwork.

From here.

I am totally shocked by the number of responders there that cannot read and/or follow the simple instructions that are *always* used on this community:
"Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers."
SO many people just reply to the post in the community with their answers! Ah well... ;-p
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[meme] Highschool stereotype

You fit in with:
Cool Loner

You fit into the cool loner stereotype. You are always up for anything and you love to do it by yourself. You have a wide variety of interests and never let society or anyone else tell you what to do.

'What highschool stereotype do you fit in with?' at

I was *never* cool! As alainn_mactire said (FO), I also was more of a nerd/geek/loner/intellectual type...
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Today's todo/tada list

I got up at about 10 am which is not too bad - I went to bed at roughly 03:30. I have done some stuff and spodded and have more stuff to do:-

  • Send off four web enquiries about removals and storage for the living room redecoration.

  • Take cats to the vet for their annual booster injections/shots - 14:35 appointment.

  • Eat breakfast, taken meds, washed myself, dressed, etc.

  • Collect meds (filled repeat prescription) from pharmacy. deferred - waiting for new PPC card

  • Find my pedometer that seems to have gone missing. still missing

  • Make a new list of xmas gifts / people. still in my head

  • Apply for an (a specific) online job. started

We also did a few unscheduled things:

  • Grocery shopping in Sainsbury's - especially wfcf1 foods for xmas.

  • Grocery shopping in Tesco.

  • Bought hard-backed C4 envelopes.

  • Had lunch at Subway.

  • Got a new bedside lamp for hubs after visiting a LOT of shops and walking quite a bit.

1 wfcf = wheat-free and casein-free. I do not seem to have a problem with lactose in dairy but more the casein in dairy - I cannot eat anything made with *any* mammal's milk, not just cows and that is another indication that it is casein and not lactose that I have an intolerance to (lactose is not found in sheep's, goat's or other mammal's milk).