November 25th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

08:37 Wow! I am awake before my brother and the dogs! COLD sunny day here... #

08:41 @mollydotcom *hugs* glad you are okay! #

08:41 @neilford *hugs* morning hubs! #

09:04 Sleepy again already. Hoping brother is okay in there. He needs to leave in 90 mins. Dogs are awake but not him... #

09:05 @JaneFoth is DDD anything like BadgerBadgerBadger (mushroom mushroom snake)? ;-p #

09:08 NTS: Copy files and bookmarks from mac to laptop when you get home. #

10:04 @sbisson I am and thank you! I will investigate! #

10:23 Headache. Taking co-codamol. Maybe a walk later will help - fresh air therapy. It is COLD out there though! #

11:34 My iBook froze, then powered itself down and now will not power back up. Looks like a long weekend of reading on paper and failing NaBl ... #

11:42 Okay. Tried all that for 5 mins. Will try 30. #

13:19 @neilford Thanks! CAN HAZ IBOOK! KTHXBAI. #

13:19 Off to walk the dogs! #

13:39 I need to sleep off this headache. The dogs may get a short walk later. I do feel bad for them though... #

16:40 I never did go for a walk with the dogs. Headache resigned me to bed instead. #

17:32 Left eye hurts. Like it wants to implode. Whilst on fire. Toss up between MS/ON and migraine... #

18:50 watching conviction season finale on fuve us +1 #

20:57 Spodding to NCIS - the good one where Gibbs gets injured. Seen before on sky. Dogs asleep, one on sofa, other on floor in front of fire. #

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Smart cars gaining US ground!

We have had a Smart car (and, for a while, two) for some time now and they are finally making an impact in the states, according to the Chicago Tribune!

That can only be a good thing. They are *much* more fuel economic than many US cars, great fun to drive with a zippy turbo, have much more boot space than an initial glance would suggest and take up less parking space than most other cars. You can even park two in one parking space (as we have done in the past) or park them at right angles to the kerb (curb in USian) because they are only as long as many cars are wide! ;-p
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Slow living at my brother's

Life here is slower than at home. A slower computer (a G3 iBook instead of a dual G5 mac tower), a slower net connection ('up to' half a meg instead of 'up to' eight meg). There are about the same number of distractions, just different ones:
  • Sky TV here but not at home,

  • dogs here that need walking instead of cats at home that cuddle,

  • countryside, here, just a step away and living on the ground floor (a single floor bungalow) instead of a short walk away but down three flights of hard concrete and external stairs.

I like it at home because hubby, the cats and my things are there, but I love the freedom of movement that staying here (or my mum's or V&M's) gives me - ground floor front doors are much better for me, even with internal stairs. I also love staying this near to the countryside - something I also find in Rye Harbour.
It is so quiet here! More so, even, than RH! Also, almost no light pollution means that, if there are no clouds, I get a great view of the stars and moon.
It is hard to reconcile wanting to live somewhere like this with needing to be near hubby's customers, my doctors, mum, dad and so on. The ongoing and repetitive dilemma in this journal/blog.

ETA: ...although I must admit that I cannot wait to get home to my faster mac and net connection! ;-p
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