November 23rd, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:48 Sleepy. Meds done and jab still to do. Starting to feel more human. *knocks on wood* Could do without a cold for the weekend... #

00:49 @phinnia Neko: IZ CAT SO EAT STUFF! #

12:33 Awake, taken med, eaten food, had shower, dressed. Rest needed now before we go out. Time for spodding. Spodding time! (á la Hammer Time...) #

12:36 @JaneFoth re. FA - the ball is the wrong shape! ;-p #

13:04 @cindyli you sure it is not sleep deprivation? ;-p #

18:17 Back home. Tired, achy but feeling accomplished! Now I need to get my @®$€ in gear and do my packing... #

19:30 Non-refridgerated food packed. Fridge food packing planned for the morning. Just need to pack clothes, meds, toiletries, cameras & tech. #

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At my brother's

I am at my brother's now, for the weekend. I will be looking after his dogs while he is away Saturday night - this weekend is the National B grade Trampoline Championships and he will be competing.