November 22nd, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:52 Does anyone know why allows HTML on the forums but not in our blog posts? Glad I stuck with livejournal! #

00:59 "Boing!!" said Zebedee. "Time for bed." #

08:25 Awake and have started the cat feeding process. Making lists for packing etc. for another long weekend at my brother's with his dogs. #

09:40 Wooo - dizzy/spinny spell! Maybe a vestibular migraine that has broken through the Propranolol? So much to do today a well... :( #

10:05 Going back to bed for a bit to see if I can sleep this off. Have written a few postcards. More to write later. #

14:29 Awake again and spodding while I eat. #

16:24 Cooking veg. soup. Chopping and peeling butternut squash, carots and potatoes is back aching work. Courgettes/zuchini less so! #

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Plans for today

Sleepy now. Here is what I hope to do tomorrow in some semblance of priority order (I will try to strikethrough bits as and when I get them done):

  • Go to counselling.

  • Buy a wheely suitcase - like air hostesses use.

  • Buy some groceries from Sainsburys.

  • Write more postcards - hopefully the rest of the replies that I owe.

  • 'Build' my meds for the week (i.e. organise them into the dosing organiser).

  • Finalise all of my shopping and packing lists for the weekend.

  • Do some household chores, like change the cats' litter tray, vacuum (if I have the energy) and so on.

  • Try to remember where I wrote the list of people and what we are getting them for xmas.

  • Maybe make a start on writing xmas cards - family and overseas, for example.

  • Print out some more daily checklists so that I have them for the weekend.

  • PACK!

  • If I still have *any* energy left, start to research options for removals and storage.

Let's see how much of that I get done. Let's ignore the other pages long list of stuff that I want to get around to one day, like decorating, selling cards of my photos on Etsy, selling my calendars before the new year (yeah, right, not holding my breath), curing the MonSter and ending war and famine! ;-p
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My day thus far

My day has been long and tiring and is nowhere near over yet - I still need to pack!

Counselling was really good - I wish that I could record the sessions and play them back later to makes some notes - I never remember what we talked about five minutes after I walk out of the door! Maybe I should broach that recording thing as an idea next week.

I have ticked of a few of my todo list, here, as well as doing a few other things along the way. Now to do the packing, I guess...