November 16th, 2007


Contact details in return?

Following on from my post the other day about my contact details, if any of you would like me to have your contact details, you can reply to this post and I will be the only person to see what you write (I am screening all comments and will not make any public that contain your contact details).

Be sure to add your name so that I know *who* is leaving me their contact details! ;-p

P.S. I will not be able to reply and thank you for leaving your details otherwise that will un-screen your comment/details and make them public! So, I thank you all in advance, here!


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

05:12 Still awake but getting sleepy, finally... #

05:42 Smudge just threw up. Pixel does it a lot but Smudge rarely does. She seems okay now though. Good thing I was/am still awake... #

05:54 She seems fine now but the mournfull 'mraouw' just before she threw up will be something I never forget. #

18:08 truly nocturnal now. just woken by cats. #

Automatically shipped from my twitter to natf by LoudTwitter.

[nablopomo] Twitter? Tweets?

One of my LJFriends just asked me about "this twitter tweets thing. What is it? How does it work? HUH????". This is the comment that I left in reply:

It is a website where we make short (140 character) messages. We can send them by SMS, on the website and/or using client apps (like LJ clients but twitter clients instead). It is an even easier way of keeping people updated with how you are and what you are doing than sitting at a keyboard and posting on LJ. You can also *receive* tweets on your cellphone by SMS (all of your friends, some of your friends and/or just direct messages).

The Twitter FAQ.

I hope that explains it well enough!

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